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PR: Diplomate flags - a first-class driving experience for the upcoming soccer worldcup

Stuttgart/Winterbach (csc): The boom of black-red-golden car flags is probably on of the big surprises of this soccer worldcup. There are few cars without weaving flags these days. The purchase of these little plastic flags has become more and more exhausting for the soccer fans. In the meantime, soccer fans assembly and fasten everything that might looks like a flag on theire cars. The answer to this problem ist easy and the flag shortage all over Germany is no problem for and

"We usually provide diplomate coaches with our first class flags and are supplyer for ambassadors and other important people all over the world." says Matthias Jaekle, general manager of "Therefore, we dispatch our german national flags including flag poles on the same day as the arrival of the order. Of course, also during the time of the soccer worldcup." Reliabilty and top quality are the main topics for Matthias Jaekle.

Jaekle´s premium german national flags are provided with flag poles made of stainless steel and communicate a special driving and fan experience.

While plastic flags and kludges often can´t stand paces over 60km/h, the first-class diplomate flags stay put at paces up to 100km/h, according to the strong magnet, which holds the flags in place.

Further more, Matthias Jaekle pointed out, that not just german national flags were available on time, to celebrate the remaining soccer worldcup matches.

Driving with car flags

Whether actual pro-Germany publicity campaigns or the upcoming FIFA soccer worldcup 2006 in Germany: flag presenting is "in" once again.

While cars, cleaved with colourful labels, get out of fashion, flagged fenders attract a lot of attention. Until now these flags were just shown on state coaches. On and everybody can now order individual car flags. Individual flags displayed on the own car offer the opportunity to show national pride and to present sports- and association emblems or company logos. Delivery services, wedding coaches and taxicabs displayed with colours catch attention immediately. In short: an innovative idea for advertising efforts to attract attention. The mounting of the car flag is easy, because of the magnetically adhesived flag pole. After demounting of the car flag there will be no traces left on the car. Basically the flags can be mounted on every steel sheet car body. Entrepreneur Matthias Jaekle visioned the business idea and developed a whole new way of advertising for himself and his customers as well.
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