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RetroClassics 13.-15.03.2009

Again magFlags elates the fans of vintage cars -this time with a stand on the RetroClassics 2009 in Stuttgart, Germany.

Besides the enthusiasts of the historic vehicles also offerers of wedding and sepultural drives feel adressed by the magnetic flag poles.
They especially envince interest on the offer of motive drawn and individual printed flags.

Photo (Claudia Schimkowski): CEO Matthias Jaekle presents his products to a customer.

We changed the company's name into magFlags GmbH!

To the turn of the year the partnership changed it's name into magFlags GmbH. Apart from that everything remains unaffected:
Matthias Jaekle as CEO continues taking care of all issues and also the domicile of the manufacturer of magnetic flag poles stays the Swabian Winterbach, Germany.

Veterama 11./12.10.2008

magFlags exhibits at a fair for the first time and presents itself with a stand on the Veterama 2008 in Mannheim, Germany.

The fans of vintage cars are hooked about the magnetic flag poles. Finitely there exists a possibility to show the flags without drilling into the valuable vehicles.

Technical Data of our magnetically adhesive car flag pole

Total height: 37 cm (14.57 inch / 1.21 feet)

Height magnet: 0,85 cm (0.33 inch / 0.2 feet)
Height link: 6,1 cm (2.4 inch / 0.2 feet)
Height pole: 28 cm (11.02 inch / 0.92 feet)

Diameter magnet: 8,8 cm (3.46 inch / 0.29 feet)
Diameter link: 1,8 cm (0.71 inch / 0.06 feet)
Diameter pole: 0,6 cm (0.24 inch / 0.02 feet)
Diameter ball: 2,5 cm (0.98 inch / 0.08 feet)

Maximal excursion of the link from it´s upright position: approx. 45°

Material of the link and the leverage: stainless steel, 1.4301, polished / trovalized

Material magnet: NdFeB, bonded with Sontoprene, wich texture is like rubber. For this reason, our car flags are excellent suitable for outdoor actions.

Maximal temprature: 80°C / 176°F

Nominal adhesive force of the magnet: 420N, please notice these following advices:

This adhesive force was collected at room temprature on a polished plate made of steel (S235JR according to DIN 10 025) with a strenght of 10mm, with an upright pull-off of the magnet (1kg ~10N). A deviation up to -10% against the quoted value is possible in exceptional cases. In general these values get exceeded.

Please notice, that car plates are considerable thinner, couted and not complete plane. For this reason the adhesive force under real circumstances conducts just a fractional amount of the adhesive force, which was produced in the trial.

Car flags - The European bestseller goes international!

During the soccer worldcup 2006 in Germany you could see them everywhere. No real soccer fan would have joined a frenetic motocade without one - car flags!

The soccer worldscup is over, but the impression of weaving flags stays still in our minds.

After the big euphoria of the soccer worldcup still offers you the opportunity to show your enthusiasm, advertising or your ethical presentation of your state coach.
These car flags are already a bestseller in Germany and Europe.

Finally the new, international, English online shop was established. Here customers can order car flags online, choose flags from a worldwide assortment or customize an individual flag. The premium car flags are provided with a flag pole made of stainless steel and are magnetically adhesived. The mounting an demounting of the car flag is fast an uncomplicated and there will be no traces left on your car. According to theire premium quality and excellent manufacture the car flags are weatherproof. Of course, you can change flags at any time.

Car flags are much more than funny. little accessories. They can be attached at diverse cause. For example at weddings, for house advertising, at anniversarys or at state receptions.

Visit the new shop and assure yourself!

Car flags with vacuum feet

Of course, the production of carflags with a vacuum feet, that clings to aluminium or plastic car bodys, is also possible.

But vacuum feets hold a downside. They cling close to the car body for some time and then drop down abruptly.

For example: You drive on the freeway and the carflags stay savely in place. A few minutes later your drive through the city and a slight turn removes the carflag from the car. You certainly know that phenomenon from towel-rails in the bath. They cling and cling and cling, but suddenly they loose theire grip.

Therefore carflags provided with a vacuum feet are NOT qualified for road traffic.

Regardless, should you need carflags with a vacuum feet, please contact us.

New ensign for Luxembourg?

The president of the biggest Luxembourg parliament faction CSV (Chreschtlech Sozial Vollekspartei) Michel Wolter, informed the press about his intention to introduce a petition to the parliament, which suggests the replacement of the current Luxembourg ensign. The current ensign shows three horizontally stripes, just like the German ensign. But instead of black-red-gold, the Luxembourg colours are red-white-blue. This flag was established in 1972 and modified in 1993. At that time the usuall dark blue was replaced by the light blue Pantone 299C. The "Tricolore" was often accused of mistaking with the Netherlands ensign. Therefore many Luxembourger still prefer the "roude Léiw" (red lion). This flag shows a red lion on a blue-white field. The "roude Léiw" reffers to the 13th Century an was originally the family crest of the nobility of Luxembourg.

The suggestion made by Michel Wolter, to replace the "Tricolore" with the "roude Léiw", faces big support from the population, quite contrary to the parliament. According to a recent survey enforced by the radio station "RTL Radio Luxembourg", over 90% of the respondents agree with Michel Wolters suggestion. The chairpersons of all other parliament factions showed few appreciation for Michel Wolters advance. The only exception is Gast Gyberien chairperson of the ADR (Alternativ Demokratesch Reformpartei).


Should the ensign be replaced, we certainly assimilate the new motive to our assortment.